Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing Omega Photography.

In order to make your photo shoot a pleasant and professional experience, I would like to inform you of our terms & conditions as well as  general guidelines.

  1. Abbreviations and Definitions

    1.1. “Service provider/s” : Omega Photography
  2. 1.2. “Client” : The person that contacted Service provider/s for a photo shoot.

  3. Terms & Conditions
  4. The objectives of the terms and conditions are to:

    2.1.1. Ensure that the transaction between the service provider and client are dealt with in a professional and fair manner.

    2.1.2. Ensure that the transaction between the service provider and client are concluded in a professional and fair manner.

    2.1.3. Ensure that business ethics are followed during the transaction between the service provider and client.

  5. Bookings / Appointments

  6. 3.1. Bookings must be made telephonically and electronically (where possible) with the service provider/s.

    3.2. Once the logistics of the booking / appointment is decided and accepted either telephonically / electronically, the timeslot is booked for the client until 48 hours after making the booking.

    3.3. A 50% (non-refundable) deposit must be paid into the service provider/s account, no later than 48 hours after making the booking and must reflect in the account 48 hours before the shoot. Proof of payment can be faxed, sms’d or emailed to the provided contact details. This will secure the booking.

    3.4. Failing to comply with (3.3) will result in immediate cancellation of the booking / appointment unless alternative arrangements are made, preferable in a written format e.g.. (E-mail or SMS).

    3.5. It will be the client’s responsibility to confirm verbally 48 hours before the session should he/she not be able to make the session. If client fails to notify the service provider/s honour the appointments, the client will be billed for the full session.

    3.6. Booking / appointment times should be strictly adhered to. If the client is late for an appointment, the session will end within the booked timeframe and the client will be charged the full service fee. If the service provider/s is late, the client is entitled to his / her full appointment or a discounted service fee for a shorter time period.

  7. Payments of accounts

    4.1. The outstanding 50% must be settled on the day of the session. This can be done in cash or EFT transfer before the shoot.
  8. Travel and accommodation

    5.1. Any travel and accommodation outside the Johannesburg area (50 km radius) will be the responsibility of the client. Please refer to the price list to ensure that the travel arrangements and costs are understood.
  9. General rules and responsibilities

    6.1. The service provider/s is not responsible for any injuries, loss or damage of property during the session.

    6.2. The service provider/s is not responsible for failure of equipment during the session. Should this result in an unsuccessful session, alternative arrangements will be made which will suite both the client and the service provider/s.

    6.3. The service provider/s is responsible for providing a professional and complete service within a set timeframe.

    6.4. It is the responsibility of both the service provider/s and the client to adhere to the terms & conditions set apart in this document.

    General Guidelines:

    Should you require any make-up or hair styling, please let us know in advance. Professional Make-up is recommended for all photo shoots.

    Please have your hair done before we do your make-up – it is best to avoid heat (from the dryers) after make-up has been applied.

    1. Wear something loose and comfortable if you are planning to do a swimwear / lingerie shoot, or any shoot where you are going to show some skin – it is preferred that you do not have underwear marks on your shoulders and back.

    2. Feel free to bring with any props you might want to include in your shoot. This can include hats, wraps, flowers, interesting jewellery etc.

    3. Should you be interested in doing a full portfolio shoot, the following is recommended for your different looks:

      • Look 1 : swimwear
      • Look 2 : lingerie
      • Look 3 : fitting jeans with a sexy / interesting top
      • Look 4 : summer dress / fun shorts and top
      • Look 5/6 : cocktail dress (preferable in a strong, bright colour) / evening gown

    4. Please inform your make-up artist of any allergies (lanolin, mascara etc.) you might suffer from.

    NB: Please inform the service provider/s at least 48 hours before the shoot if you are not going to make your photo session. This allows the service provider/s to fill your session and avoids loss of income.